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See how we compare side by side

We understand the importance of choosing a backlink monitoring service for your website. That’s why we compared ourselves to Linkody, one of our competitor providing the same kind of service in a genuine way.

Linkody is a specialised backlink monitoring tool created in 2012. We’re a similar tool with even more features so you might be interested in us. If you’re looking for alternatives to Linkody, let us help you out !

We made that comparison on 17 December 2020.

SEOwl is more complete than Linkody

Choosing a backlink monitoring tool should not be hard. That’s why we spent some time gathering all the information you need to genuinely compare our solution to Linkodt, feature by feature, so that you don’t have to. Quickly check if your marketing use case is covered by SEOwl, Linkody or both.


All that on top of backlink monitoring, of course.

Feature SEOwl Linkody
Daily rank tracking
Scheduled reports
Whitelabel reports
Email notifications
Google index status
Backlink analysis
Backlink monitoring

SEOwl offers more value for the same price as Linkody

Managing your backlinks should not be expensive. hat’s why SEOwl is fairly priced : we provide even more features for less to online marketers and seo professionals. With unlimited users and unlimited sites, our price only scales per monitored backlinks.

Number of backlinks ( price per month) SEOwl Linkody
5 000
20 000

So if you’re looking for a SEO software to monitor your backlinks and track your search engine rankings : look no further. SEOwl is for you. We didn’t mention it yet, but be assured we also have all the core features you can expect from a professional tool : multiple users, API, live chat support, Google Analytics & Google Search Console integration.

What more ?

We are a human-sized business. By purchasing a subscription, you’re directly supporting a small business of search engine optimization lover, not the dividend of some megalomaniac SEO 😉  As such you can also expect quality one-on-one support. If you have anything to say we’re right here, available through webchat, email, phone or whatever suits you actually !

"It's a really useful tool to store, monitor and organize backlinks.
Now I can see the 'big picture' of my backlinks."
Caio Nogueira
CMO of Upsites Digital
"We used to build links and track them through Google Spreadsheet but now SEOwl has made it very easy for us.
All we need to do is add newly built links and the tool will let us know if the link is live at any time.
That plus rank tracking for keywords makes SEOwl worth it."
from Contio

Sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting

Our FREE migration service makes switching to SEOwl easy.

Already using Linkody or another tool ? We know the pain of switching and that's why we solve that problem for you.

Easy Do It Yourself

Some people just love doing stuff themselves. That's what I am so I know how it's like. That's why we built things easy for you : import your keywords by batch, through a file or your clipboard or even the API if that's your thing.

Free Migration Process

Let us do the heavy lifting. Simply contact us through the live chat, answer a few questions, let us do some black magic and boom, you're there, fully setup.

SEOwl, a Linkody alternative

SEOwl is a Linkody alternative that works well for your website and reporting needs. More value for the same price.

Signup, add your backlinks and start monitoring and tracking your keywords now !