What you always wanted for

Performance Reporting

Beautiful reports in minutes

with our drag'n'drop designer

Communicate your results visually simply by dragging blocks to build your reports. With heavy customization parameters available, make your branded reports shine !

Automate your reporting

using scheduled reports

Spend less time building & sending reports. Use our report scheduler to send PDF or email reports regularly to you, your clients or interested third parties.


Your reports are directly linked to your SEOwl websites so you have direct access to all of your data without having to setup multiple, complex integrations.


Download your reports or send them by e-mail through SEOwl or one of your own mail server.


Building the same reports for multiple clients ? Use templating to copy blocks between different reports and save time.

Using Google Data Studio ?

We got you covered

Access SEOwl data in all your reports using SEOwl's Google Data Studio Community Connector

Can I have a custom plan ?

If available plans do not fit the bill for you (eg. you need a lot more pages but not that much keywords or vice-versa), we can do custom plan. Simply reach out to us with your needs and we’ll get back to you.

Can I cancel my account at anytime ?

Yes. If you ever decide that SEOwl is not the right service for you, simply cancel your account from the billing section of your account. You will then be downgraded to free plan once your current subscription period is expired.

What are on-demand updates ?

Your keywords are checked daily but if you want the freshest, real-time data, you can request a forced re-crawl of some of your keywords. One on-demand update = one request to re-crawl one keyword.

What are backlinks explorer credits ?

Backlinks explorer credits are the daily number of backlinks you can get from the backlinks explorer. For example, if you analyze “example.com” to get the top 5000 backlinks listed, it uses 5 000 credits.

What counts as a monitored backlink ?

1 monitored backlink = 1 URL we will check daily if it’s live and linking to your website.

What counts as a keyword ?

A keyword represents a query to a search engine with a specific context. If you want to track the term “blue widget” in desktop and mobile, it will count as 2 keywords. If you want to track the term “blue widget” in France and in the US for desktop, it will count as 2 keywords.

What counts as a page ?

One page = one URL. You can add a specific number of pages for monitoring depending on your plan. On each of those URL you can enable as many different checks as you want.

Do you offer any larger plans?

Absolutely. Simply contact us at contact@seowl.co and we’d be happy to set up a custom package for you. We can accommodate packages of any size.