SEO Jokes

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Why did we do that ?

We believe in great laugh and connecting with people.

It happens we work in the SEO industry but that does not mean we can’t do it with fun.

We love internet culture and we always appreciate a good meme.

That’s why we didn’t resist to make our own memes about the industry.

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Who we are ?

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Textual SEO Jokes

Till you’re there, we also found some funny textual jokes that we’d like to share, too.

Those are not ours but well, we just laughed.

  • What kind of fruit do SEOs like best? . . . Low hanging.
  • Why did the SEO cross the road? ….He wanted to get hit with traffic.
  • Why do mobile marketers make good parents? . . . They are responsive.
  • Why do SEOs love the farmer’s market? . . . Lots of organic content.