What you always wanted in a

Web Analytics

Keyword attribution

Link your search keywords to the revenue they have generated

Since 2013, Google encrypts organic searches. Therefore in your Google Analytics, your organic keywords appear as "(not provided)".


Yet using our proprietary algorithm we can estimate the amount of conversions and revenue generated by your keywords.

How do we do it ?

By combining your Google Search Console data and your Google Analytics data and using your landing pages as the link between the two, we are able to get meaningful results out of your data.


The keywords from GSC are mapped on the landing pages from Analytics, proportional to the clicks they generate.

Not using Google Analytics ?

Or tired of giving your data to big G ?

Or wanting to respect the privacy our your users ?

Or wanting unsampled data without paying 6 figures for GA Premium ?

We have something for you

SEOwl Analytics

Simple analytics

that respects privacy

Simple analytics at a glance with our analytics tag. It doesn’t use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. 

Your visits

Achieve your goals

but first, define them

Goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. Start defining your goals with our different triggers available and know how well you are converting users - and what can be improved.


We don't sample your data, ever. Get an accurate picture of your visits, even at large scale.


Our tracking code is lightweight (even smaller than Google Analytics) so that we don't slow down your website.

Privacy regulations friendly

No cookie banners or GDPR/CCPA consent needed, as we don't collect personal data.

Can I cancel my account at anytime ?

Yes. If you ever decide that SEOwl is not the right service for you, simply cancel your account from the billing section of your account. You will then be downgraded to free plan once your current subscription period is expired.

Can I use other SEOwl features without using SEOwl Analytics ?

Yes, all our features work as well with Google Analytics. If you’re not using Google Analytics or SEOwl Analytics, you can still use our other features like rank tracking or backlink monitoring. However, some features and data related to your Analytics like visits or conversions will not be available in your reports.

What counts as a keyword ?

A keyword represents a query to a search engine with a specific context. If you want to track the term “blue widget” in desktop and mobile, it will count as 2 keywords. If you want to track the term “blue widget” in France and in the US for desktop, it will count as 2 keywords.

Can I import data from my Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics into SEOwl Analytics ?

No, it is not possible at the moment to import your visits or your goal definitions in SEOwl analytics. However, you can use SEOwl Analytics at the same time as another analytics tool for some time before removing your other analytics to get some historical data.

What happens if I go over my plan limit?

You will never be charged extra for an occasional traffic spike. There are no surprise fees and your card will never be charged unexpectedly.

If your page views exceed your plan for two consecutive months, we will contact you to upgrade to a higher plan for the following month. You will have two weeks to make a decision. You can decide to continue with a higher plan, purchase a “Pageviews boost” addon by contacting support or to cancel your account at that point. If you do not reply within that period, we will simply stop collecting data from your website until you do.

Do you offer any larger plans?

Absolutely. Simply contact us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to set up a custom package for you. We can accommodate packages of any size.

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, we have a free plan including a very limited usage of SEOwl. Once you see the value it can bring to your business you can upgrade to a higher plan through your account. Please check our pricing page for more details.

What counts as a pageview ?

A pageview represents a page viewed by a user on your website when you are using SEOwl Analytics. If you are not using SEOwl Analytics (eg. you are using Google Analytics), no restrictions apply.