Next-generation SEO Monitoring

Monitor your SEO strategy with modern SEO understanding

Rank Tracker

Accurate position tracking & actionable insights


Rank Tracking

100% accurate keyword rank tracker

Search from every location with GPS precision, on desktop & mobile devices. Need advanced targeting ? With SEOwl you can customize every parameter of your search context



Upgrade to Owl's vision

See the search results page as if you did the search yourself. Get your hands on a real SERP time machine to perform analysis & be more confident in your tracking



Get actionable data from position change.

Compare search results between two dates and see what changed. Your competitor changing their title ? Google doing meta-description testing ? You will know it.


Google integration

Empower your data.

Integrate Google Search Console & Google Analytics data into SEOwl to get a complete view of your SEO performance.

Competitor tracking

Add multiple competitors website and compare their progress to yours


Get alerted when your keywords enter or leave a position range through one of our notification channels (in-app, e-mail, Slack)

Visual progress

Instantly see the progress of your SEO strategy through intuitive data visualization

Backlink monitor

Centralize your backlinks data & be notified when you lost a backlink


Backlinks Monitoring

Keep track of your valuable backlinks

You just landed a powerful guest post. But what if the site removes your link or no-follow it ? With SEOwl daily monitoring, you will instantly know it.


Advanced Backlinks Management

Dedicated, centralized platform for your backlinks

Stop messing around with multiple spreadsheets for each of your website. Find, filter & export all of your backlinks quickly and easily.


Index checking

Find out which backlinks are indexed — or not.

SEOwl's systems determine whether or not your backlinks are in Google Index, so that you know if they affect your site rankings right now.

Working with clients ?

We've got you covered.

Multiple users

Divide access between multiple users by granting specific permissions to each of your account


Communicate your client results with your branding by including your logo


Automated reports to update your clients about your progress

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