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The only 360° SEO monitoring platform

Most monitoring tools stop at rank tracking. SEOwl makes it easy to monitor all your SEO for the same price—on-page changes, backlinks, positions & more.

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“It's a really useful tool to store, monitor and organize backlinks. Now I can see the 'big picture' of my backlinks.”

Caio Nogueira
CMO at Upsites Digital

“SEOwl has helped us save money as we don't need to buy expensive tools separately to track our keywords, backlinks, and sending reports.”

Zee Ahmed
CEO of OneSmartSheep

“The SERP Diff feature in Rank Tracker is a goldmine to know the changes in top 10 results for the tracked keyword. It helped us to identify what the top 10 sites are doing in their site. ”

Mohan Raj
Blogger at BloggingIO

Real-time Page Monitoring

Clients sometimes make changes to their websites but do not always understand the SEO and commercial implications of their changes. SEOwl's monitoring will flag those changes so that you can fix them and save the world™ before rankings are impacted

24/7 Monitoring

Crawling of your pages every hour for the most reactive SEO monitoring available on the market

10+ available checks

Configure monitoring on all SEO critical elements of a webpage

Powerful alerting

Something broken ? Get notified instantly or get scheduled reports depending on urgency.

Web based

Easy access and sharing for all your team. In 2022 you shouldn't have to install SEO software on your computer 🤫

seo regression check

Backlinks monitoring

Still using spreadsheets for link building ? Do you know if the backlinks you built 6 months ago are still there ? Maybe it has been removed or turned no-follow and you didn't noticed. With SEOwl, you will be covered.

backlinks monitoring

Daily Monitoring

Daily crawling of your backlinks to make sure they're still live, present, do-follow and indexed

Track your link building effort

Track and organize all your backlinks the easy way and take advantage of filters, stats and more.

Automated discovery

Automatically discover your new backlinks using one of the largest available web crawler (or add yours manually... PBN anyone ? 🤫)

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking that works. Desktop & Mobile. Locally & Globally

Daily Monitoring

Daily position checking of all your keywords.

Smart views

Save pre-filtered views for quick access to your specific visualizations

Verifiable result

You can consult the full HTML of the SERP up to 30 days after the crawl date.

rank tracker

What gets organized gets managed.

Organize your keywords in differents groups and apply custom tags to improve your SEO workflow.

rank tracker

A time machine at your fingertips

Compare what changed between 2 dates for any tracked keyword for advanced diagnosis.

Need even more in-depth comparison ? You can also display how any websites changed their title or description!

rank tracker

Visualize your SEO progress

Follow the big picture of your SEO rankings with filterable progress charts. Also makes fancy visuals to share to your clients 😉

rank tracker

Keep a healthy backlink portfolio

Visualize the big picture of your link building and make sure it is balanced on things such as anchor optimization.

seo regression check

Be notified on things that matters

Be alerted ASAP on important issues and configure periodic changes summary for less important changes.

Choose who's gonna get alerted for what and pick the channels that work best for you between in-app notification, e-mail and Slack.

backlink monitoring

Save time on reporting

Quickly create whitelabel SEO reports for your clients and your team with a drag-and-drop designer.

Put your reporting on auto-pilot by re-using templates accross clients and sending them automatically on a schedule.

seo reports

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“SEOwl helped our website track our keywords ranking through time and contributed to get Travellairs as one of the most important travel blogs in Italy.“

- Giovanni Fabris, Travellairs

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Wait, there's more

You shouldn’t settle for an average rank tracker. Switch to SEOwl and experience a real SEO operating system for organized, effective work for you and your team.

Competitor monitoring

Track unlimited competitors and compare their SEO progress to yours.


See the full HTML SERP page of any keyword as it is now or as it was in the past.


Compare the SERP between 2 dates and see how every website have moved up or down.


A simple and RESTful API offering easy integration into your existing platform or apps


Keep custom notes at a keyword-level to help later diagnosis.

Smart views

Save pre-filtered views for quick access to specific visualization.

On-demand updates

Instanly refresh any keyword positions to get the freshest SERP in seconds

Backlink explorer

Search and export the backlinks of any website in seconds.

Volatility checker

Analyze the volatility of any SERP for advanced keyword diagnosis.

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Integrate all your favorite tools

Simplify your SEO workflow with a seamless connection to your SEO tool stack.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

See traffic and conversions in SEOwl with forecasted matching at the keyword level.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Match all your tracked keywords with GSC data (impressions, clicks, etc.) for a unified view.

Google DataStudio

Google DataStudio

Connect SEOwl to DataStudio to use your data in your existing reports



Add even more metrics to your backlinks (DA, PA, TF...).



Get notified of events directly on Slack.



Connect to 3 000+ apps to automate SEO tasks.

Work transparently, together

Because SEO is collaborative work, you should be able to work in concert. We got you covered. And it's all whitelabel.

Shareable link

Each website has a unique sharing link allowing read-only access to the project. Configure what should be visible and share the link with your clients for a 100% transparent workflow.

Add additional users

Create accounts for co-workers, clients and freelancers at no extra-cost and with configurable permissions.

Automated reports

Send detailed or summary reports to yourself or your clients in an automated fashion to keep everyone in the loop.

Switching to SEOwl attracts good luck* 🍀


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