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It's a really useful tool to store, monitor and organize backlinks. Now I can see the 'big picture' of my backlinks.
Caio Nogueira

Follow the daily positions of your sites

with our rank tracking

Attribute conversions and revenue to your organic keywords with our in-house matching algorithm and evaluate the ROI of your SEO, finally.

rank tracking

Your backlinks

Example of links you don't want to lose by mistake

Backlink monitoring

Keep an eye on your valuable backlinks

Link building is hard work. We keep an eye on your backlinks so if one of them is removed, we'll let you know!

We used to build links and track them through Google Spreadsheet but now SEOwl has made it very easy for us. All we need to do is add newly built links and the tool will let us know if the link is live at any time. That plus rank tracking for keywords makes SEOwl worth it.
from Contio

Finally see the ROI of your SEO

Replace your (not provided)

Attribute conversions and revenue to your organic keywords with our in-house matching algorithm and evaluate the ROI of your SEO, finally.

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Your visits


Performance reporting

Communicate your results

Build customized, data-rich reports using our drag-and-drop designer. Spend less time on reporting with templates, and scheduled send. Oh, and did we mention it's 100% white-label?

Not just another rank tracker

but the oneyouneed

Forget about your All-in-one SEO toolkit for a moment and go deep where you need to. Here's how SEOwl helps you:

Daily updates

Because you deserve to see what's going on more frequently than once a week or every 3 days.

Keyword groups

Group your keywords together and see how each group performs independently. Or don't. That's fine, too.

5-star customer service

If we were a hotel, we'd serve margaritas by the pool. It's a shame hotels don't track keywords.

Unlimited websites


We keep a copy of the Google webpage during each check. Demonstrate a reliable 3rd party ranking verification to your clients.


Be notified when one or more of your important keywords move up or down the ladder.


Fast updates on-demand to get the latest position of a keyword whenever you need to.

Unlimited seats

Want to learn more about rank tracking?

We actually do even more than what’s above regarding rank tracking so if that’s your thing you’ll be interested to discover all we have to offer.

Ready to get started ?

Forget about reading. It’s time to rock and roll!

warning : you could get convinced very quickly

Made for sharing

Not working alone ? Our solution provide many ways to share your work and your results.

Multiple users

Divide access to your websites between multiple users by granting specific website permissions to each of your sub-account.

Shareable view

Get a public link where third parties can consult your results & your work by themselves.


Keep your brand in the mind of everyone by using your brand logo in reports, view and sub-accounts.

Migrating is easy

Already using another rank tracker ? We know the pain of switching and that's why we solve that problem for you.

Easy to Do It Yourself

Some people just love doing stuff themselves. We get it. You can import your keywords by batch, through a file, your clipboard, or even the API if you're feeling technical.

Free Migration Process

Let us do the heavy lifting. Simply contact us through the live chat, answer a few questions, let us do some black magic and boom, you're there, fully setup.

In sync with your world

3rd party integrations

Don't be locked in.

Easily import data wherever it's stored and export data wherever you want.

Trusted by SEO professionals

SEO Agencies, freelancers & webmasters alike are using SEOwl to track their websites and ease their SEO workflow. Time to join them !

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