What you always wanted in a

Rank Tracker

rank tracking

Rank Tracking

as its best

Track your rankings and your competitors to get a complete picture of your keywords in a clear, customizable table.

Search accurately

From everywhere

Get accurate ranking position for every search context. Desktop or mobile, GPS precision search location, Google language, track it all !

best seo agency

From desktop, US

laptop for student

From mobile, France

how to clean my dog

From mobile, Moscow

Add new keywords

Verifiable results

with SERP View

See the Google results page as our system saw it. Be confident in your rankings and analyze what snippets and results are shown for your keyword.

"SEOwl is a unique rank tracker in the industry. The backlink monitoring comes handy to see whether the link are live or nofollowed. SERPDiff and SERPview are unique features for a Rank Tracker. Overall, a very good SEO tool with unique features to try now."
from Bloggingio
"SEOwl helped our website track our keywords ranking through time and it contributed to get Travellairs as one of the most important travel blogs in Italy."
Giovanni Fabris
from Travellairs

Actionable insights

with SERP Diff

Search results are moving. But do you know why ? Check easily if movements are due to your competitors playing with their title or from other factors.

Comparing 27/04 to 04/05

Historical data

Don't lose track of how your keywords performed in the past. See the progress you made since the beginning, visually.

Search Volume

Know how many people are searching your keyword per month.

On-demand updates

Get your ranking in real time  if you want more than your daily updates.

Advanced filters

Narrow your analysis to only relevant keywords using advanced filtering on all your keyword parameters.

Daily updates

Because you deserve to see what's going on more frequently than once a week or every 3 days.

Keyword groups

Group your keywords together and see how each group perform independently. Or don't. That's fine, too.

Unlimited websites

Our pricing is fair and scale only your keywords amount. No artificial limitations in your amount of websites here.

Search Console Integration

Sync your data with your Google Search Console data and get the CTR, impressions and clicks of your keywords.

Custom tags

Organize your keywords the way you want by tagging them with relevant meta-data.


Get alerted when one of your keywords enter or leave a given position range.

Can I cancel my account at anytime ?

Yes. If you ever decide that SEOwl is not the right service for you, simply cancel your account from the billing section of your account. You will then be downgraded to free plan once your current subscription period is expired.

Do you offer any larger plans?

Absolutely. Simply contact us at contact@seowl.co and we’d be happy to set up a custom package for you. We can accommodate packages of any size.

Do you support Google Mobile?

Yes! Google Mobile tracking is fully supported

What counts as a keyword ?

A keyword represents a query to a search engine with a specific context. If you want to track the term “blue widget” in desktop and mobile, it will count as 2 keywords. If you want to track the term “blue widget” in France and in the US for desktop, it will count as 2 keywords.

What counts as a page ?

One page = one URL. You can add a specific number of pages for monitoring depending on your plan. On each of those URL you can enable as many different checks as you want.